Scandinavia’s largest fashion show organized by students

Övrigt Spelperiod: 15 apr - 15 apr

Spring Inspiration Fashion Show

Spring Inspiration is Scandinavia’s largest fashion show organized by students, hosted by the students of Jönköping International Business School Student Association (JSA). It is an annual event arranged in Jönköping and aims to deliver fresh inspiration during spring-time. This results in a gala night where students, businesses and the people of Jönköping get together. At the show, various local stores and talented designers are given the chance to show their latest collections and designs at the catwalk.

This year, the show will be Spring Inspiration’s 19th edition, and will as usual combine high fashion with loads and various forms of entertainment. During the evening the artist Sabina Ddumba will perform and make the evening magical. One thing is for sure, this is the night when mystique and high fashion will collide, and make it the greatest event of the year, long to be forgotten.

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